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What? (are these "Max Labs")

What if you had the chance

  to come up with apps

for a Silicon Valley startup... could actually do it?

The Max Labs are a story–a story designed to let you experience for yourself how businesses use tech to do things better/faster/smarter.

The story's told by a college student, a girl named Max, taking the Intro to Business Technology course at San Jose State in Silicon Valley.​

Max wasn't into tech. She was a Marketing major but she had to take the course and the prof made everyone write a class blog. ​

That's how she tells her story–how she got a chance to be in a startup and she shows you what she did & how you can do the same thing, step-by-step, creating apps with zero coding–just clicks!

lab set.png

When you follow along, you'll "get" how using tech can solve business problems, and exploit opps, whatever job you're in–HR, Accounting, Marketing, etc.


And you'll learn your way around Salesforce, one of the top techs in Business today–put it on your resume. It's super-hot right now! 

Like any good story, it's meant to be kind of fun too. Enjoy!

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