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Go Beyond

Finished the labs? Congrats! Consider yourself badged.

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You've learned a ton by experience – so it's part of you now!

You know how to find ways to do things better/faster/smarter thru tech–that's digital business transformation!

Now, you really get how tech works and  you can make it work for you, on the job–HR, Finance, whatever.

Ok, but how can it help me GET a job?

In interviews, tell hiring managers the concepts you learned ...
  • Any employer will be impressed that you have some tech skills now, even if they're not using Salesforce because when you "get" how tech works, that carries over to other technologies, whatever they are

  • At the core level, data-based technologies are all basically the same so you can learn new ones fast/easy.

  • And the best thing you learned is not Salesforce itself–it's how tech can help you do your job better & how to make that happen, yourself or through IT support. But knowing a bit about Salesforce is still a great asset to leverage!

Tons of companies (& non-profits) use Salesforce...
  • Lots of students say SF exposure has made the difference in getting interviews & even getting hired! So tell them about the specific Salesforce skills you learned, for Pete's sake. There are a ton of them! 

  • You can say all this:

I created a database and added data

I added a mobile app for viewing, adding & updating records

I imported data into the ”cloud”

I created views and reports

I visualized data to find best deals

I created a dashboard with a VC funding gauge

I identified and corrected data redundancy in different forms

I implemented data validation rules

I customized and implemented database-integrated email templates

I manipulated a schema visually

I configured CRM tasks for lead development

I automated processes w/business rules for assigning leads

I created a new enterprise user as a sysadmin

I collaborated w/social media in SF

I automated a workflow

I added data to my database by manipulating and issuing an API

I built a database-connected webform that triggered multiple processes

  • Many of those (above) are not just "user" skills - they're "app builder" (basic developer) skills. Point that out

If you're really into Salesforce...
  • You might consider getting a Salesforce certification–it's not that hard! You would have to do some extra learning beyond just doing the labs, but you can get everything you need for free online at Salesforce's website. They have a fun, interactive training site called "Trailhead" with "trails" that lead you thru learning various topics while you earn points & badges, etc. There are "trailmixes" which are specific sequences of certain trails that will lead to certification as a System Administrator or an "App Builder"(basic developing w/no coding, like you did in the labs). They say it takes around 65 hours of study to be ready to take the exam which costs just $200 and you can retake for $100 if you fail. You can take it in a proctoring center near you or online with a live camera proctor. One MIS undergraduate at SJSU got his App Builder cert and got a 6-figure offer upon graduation from a multinational that uses Salesforce. Check out career paths for people who know Salesforce here: and check out the certifications you can earn to get you there here:

  • You might consider creating your own apps and selling them thru the Salesforce App Exchange! Salesforce's App Exchange is a marketplace where their customers can purchase extensions that add functions/features that aren't already built-in like an equipment location tracking app or a plug-in to integrate SurveyMonkey. It's like Apple's App Store. The apps are built by independent, mostly small developers who get the income from the sales. To create an app like that would likely take some coding skills but you could learn everything you would need to know from Salesforce's free online training site "Trailhead," mentioned above. (

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