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Lab 2b Pitch ID Fix

Near the start of Lab 2b, you import ten Meeting records from a .csv file called MaxsMeetingDataFile. Each row of the file is one Meeting record and each goes with one of the Pitch records you should already have. The first cell of each Meeting record gives the Pitch ID of the Pitch record it goes with (P-000 thru P-009).


If all went well for you in Lab 1b and 2a, then your Pitch records have IDs that go from P-000 to P-009 and you also have one with P-012 that you added. (You added & then deleted P-010 and P-011.) So each row's Meeting record will find the right Pitch record by matching Pitch ID.

But if you had some snags, then maybe your Pitch records have different Pitch IDs, eg P-020 thru P-029, for example. If so, then before you try the import, you need to adjust the Pitch IDs in each row of MaxsMeetingDataFile to match your Pitch records, eg change P-000 to P-020 on the first row and change P-001 to P-021, all the way down. 

BUT - you have to make sure of two things or it won't work:

  1. you have to Save AS a .csv (comma-separated values) file, and

  2. if you're not in the US, then you have to make sure the values in the Meeting Date column don't get turned into your home country's data format - they have to be kept as mm/dd/yyyy which is US date format.

To edit MaxsMeetingDataFile, we suggest you use the free Google Sheets spreadsheet tool as described below:


First, you will need to get a free Google/Gmail account, if you don't already have one.

Then, when you click on the link to MaxsMeetingDataFile here:

it will open a page with an option at the top center to Open with Google Sheets but if you're not already signed into your Google/Gmail account, you will need to sign in first to see this option.

Open the file in Google Sheets and edit the cells of the first column to change the Pitch IDs so they match the ones on your existing Pitch records.

If you're not in the US (or your Google/Gmail account lists your home locale as a non-US country), and the format of Column B is not mm/dd/yyyy, then set the format of Column B by going to Format > Number > More Formats > More Date and Time Formats and then selecting mm/dd/yyyy and clicking Apply.

Then click File > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet).

Then you should be able to do Lab 2b, including the import, with no problems but remember, when the instructions say P-007 it is referring to the Valducci Amalgam pitch record. Yours will have a different Pitch ID. That's ok–simply adjust that in your mind to P-037 or whatever is your Valducci Amalgam Pitch ID.

Then you should be ok, ok?


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