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How to undelete your old Pitch object from Lab 1a so it can be (re-)scored

These instructions look long but they really don't take long to do. Bascially, you have to go into the old Classic interface to undelete your old Pitch object and restore some settings. And then go back into the current Lighting interface to reamake a tab for it and then set up the All listview in that tab like it was before. Then you can grade 1a and then delete the old Pitch object you had restored so you don't get it confused with the current one. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the little character icon in the upper right corner to drop down a panel and click Switch to Salesforce Classic

  2. Next to your name on the upper right, click Setup

  3. Under Build on the lefthand vertical menu, click the little arrow next to Create to drop down some choices

  4. In the list of choices that appears below Create, click Objects

  5. In the central pane, click on Deleted Objects

  6. In the new central panel that appears, click on Undelete, next to Pitch

  7. In the new central panel that appears, click on OK

  8. Now on the Pitch object page, scroll down if you need to to find the Custom Fields & Relationships section and, in there, click Edit next to the row for the Business Name field

  9. On the new Business Name field page, look under General Options and check the box for Required and Always require a value in this field in order to save a record

  10. On the popup, click Confirm

  11. Then click the Save button near the top center

  12. On the upper right, by your name, click Switch to Lightning Experience

  13. Click the little gear icon on the upper right to drop down a list of choices and select Setup

  14. On the new page that appears, click inside the Quick Find box on the upper left

  15. Type in “tab” (without the quotes)

  16. Underneath that, click on Tabs

  17. In the new central pane that appears, under Custom Object Tabs near the top, click New

  18. In the new central pane that appears, next to Object, click None to drop a menu of choices

  19. Select Pitch from the drop-down menu

  20. Just below that, next to Tab Style, click anywhere on the dark bar to pop up an array of choices

  21. Pick Airplane (upper left corner)

  22. Click Next (lower right)

  23. On the new central pane that appears, click Next again (lower right)

  24. In the new central pane that appears, click Save (lower right)

  25. Use the App Launcher (upper left) to select Marketing

  26. Now you should see two Pitches tabs (if not refresh the page until the new one appears)

  27. Click the one on the right (the new tab you just made the old Pitch object)

  28. On the new page that appears, you should see the airplane icon on the upper left

  29. Click on Recently Viewed on the upper left to drop down choices and select All

  30. Click the tiny gear icon on the right below Change Owner (NOT the one at the top right) to drop down choices

  31. Click on Select Fields to Display

  32. In the popup, under Available Fields, highlight Business Name and use the right arrow to move it to Visible Fields

  33. Then do the same for Investment Amount and Equity Percentage in that order

  34. Then click the blue Save button on the lower right of the popup

  35. Use the App Launcher to select the Max Labs Grader and score your work with the Developer Console and refresh the page to see your new scores

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