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How to Get Pitch Object to Have the Right 10 Records Numbered P-000 to P-009

Before going on to start Lab 2a, it's CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that your Pitch object (the one installed as part of Max's Pitch Package) contains the correct 10 records of data with Pitch ID's from P-000 to P-009. If you ran into trouble importing the records, they may be there but with different numbers or some are missing, etc. 

Unfortunately, there's no simple way to fix this. The easiest/best thing to do is to abandon your current Salesforce account and get a new one. You will NOT need to start over and redo Lab 1a

If you just want to start Lab 2a, then all you need to do in the new account is complete Steps 5-36 of Lab 1b and then you can go straight to Lab 2a

But if you want a better score for Lab 1b, you can keep going after Step 36 and complete it before going to Lab 2a

Either way, you will have to pay to install Max's Pitch Package again but if you email both PayPal receipts to, you will promptly be refunded for one of them. (Do NOT contact PayPal directly.)

Follow these steps:

  1. Abandon your old account and get a brand new “fresh” Developer Edition Salesforce account by going to this same link Max gave you in Lab 1a: (do NOT go to the Salesforce homepage and get the 30-day free trial account)  You can use the same email address as before but you have to set a new Username since the old one is still on the original account. It can be anything that LOOKS like an email address, even if it's not a valid address. For example, you could use "hippo@suitcase.sauce" (assuming it's not already been used). Just make sure it's something you'll remember so you can be sure you use this account from now on instead of the old one.

  2. Install Max's Grader app again

  3. Do Steps 5-36 of Lab 1b, being careful to read & follow the instructions carefully so your data import is successful this time (you can run the scoring routine now to make sure the error about the Pitch IDs is gone now if you want to be sure)

  4. If you don’t care about re-grading Lab 1b checkpoints, you can stop Lab 1b there and continue to Lab 2a at this point

  5. If you want to re-grade the Lab 1b checkpoints, continue the steps to the end

  6. Re-grade by using the App Launcher to open the Grader App and follow instructions to run the scoring routine again and then be sure to reload the page to see the updated error list & grade certificate

  7. Don't forget to email both PayPal receipts to to get a refund for one of them.

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