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How to edit the "Deal numbers & expected values" list view (in the Pitches tab) to correct which columns/fields appear

If you need to edit "Deal numbers & expected values" list view to correct selected columns/fields:

  1. Use the App Launcher to select the Marketing app

  2. Click your Pitches tab

  3. If the list view name (upper left) doesn't show Deal numbers & expected values then click the down-arrow by the current list view name and select Deal numbers & expected values

  4. Then click the tiny gear icon, below New and Import, and pick Select Fields to Display from the drop-down

  5. Click fields to highlight them and then use the left/right arrows and/or the up/down arrows to move them as necessary so that the Visible Fields list includes these fields in this order: Pitch ID, Business Name, Investment Amount, Equity Percentage, Closability and Expected Value

  6. Click the blue Save button on the bottom right corner of the popup, under the Selected Fields list

  7. Re-grade by using the App Launcher to open the Grader App and follow instructions to run the scoring routine again and then be sure to reload the page to see the updated error list & grade certificate

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