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How to Do/Re-Do Task to Send Email to Kyle Reese

If you didn't do the task of emailing Kyle Reese you can do that now following the steps below. Or if you did it but didn't get the subject and/or body about right, then just use the steps to re-do it now, sending another email, getting those parts right this time.

  1. Go to App Launcher > Marketing > Leads and if you see Kyle Reese listed there, just click on his name, otherwise click Recently Viewed (upper left) to pull down and select All Open Leads and then find Kyle Reese's name and click it

  2. If the Activity tab (upper-ish left) isn't selected, select it

  3. Underneath the Activity tab, the New Task sub-tab should be selected but you should click the Email sub-tab to the right (underneath News)

  4. Do Steps 143-148

  5. Now that you've completed the task to email Kyle Reese, you may want to continue with the rest of the lab steps to get even more points

  6. When you're ready, re-grade by using the App Launcher to open the Grader App and follow instructions to run the scoring routine again and then be sure to reload the page to see the updated error list & grade certificate

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