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How to Create/Fix your Lead Assignment Rule

In Lab 3a, you create a Lead Assignment Rule (Steps 71-101) that automatically assigns new leads to you or Riley based on rules about location & investment potential, and then sends email alerts using the templates you created for each case. If you never created one, you can do it now, assuming you already created the three email templates (Steps 30-70) that you'll need. Or if you did create your Lead Assignment Rule already but some of the settings are messed up, it's easiest to just delete it and re-create it again making sure everything's right this time:

  1. Go to Setup > Feature Settings > Marketing > Lead Assignment Rules

  2. If you see the rule "assign incoming leads to Riley or me" already listed there, just click the Del next to its name and then click Ok in the popup to confirm

  3. Do Steps 72-101 to (re)create the Lead Assignment Rule

  4. Now if you had added the leads already before, then you should delete them now by going to App Launcher > Marketing > Leads and clicking Recently Viewed (upper left) to pull down and select All Open Leads and then for each lead you want to delete (Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese & John Connor), click the down-arrow on the far right of that row to pull down a menu and select Delete

  5. Continue with Steps 102-127 to add (or re-add) the 3 leads and that will trigger the new emails

  6. Re-grade by using the App Launcher to open the Grader App and follow instructions to run the scoring routine again and then be sure to reload the page to see the updated error list & grade certificate

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