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How to Correct the Field Values for the Miles Dyson Lead Record

The Miles Dyson Lead record gets added when you open, fill-out & submit the Web-to-Lead form that you create in Steps 103-112, 118, and 121-143. It needs to get added that way, with the right values, to trigger the actions that you set up in previous steps that will show up in his Activity history timeline like the screencap at the bottom of Lab 3b. So, to get it to work right, you need to Delete  the Miles Dyson record first and then re-add it with the correct values using the form. Then, if you already created your myweb2lead.html file and it's working ok, you can just re-add him by doing Steps 144-151 again, making sure you get the values right this time. Or if you need to create or recreate your myweb2lead.html file first, you can do Steps 103-112, 118, and 121-143  and then add his record with Steps 144-151:

  1. Go to App Launcher > Marketing > Leads and click Recently Viewed (upper left) to pull down and select All Open Leads and then find the row for Miles Dyson and click the down arrow on the far right end of the row & select Delete

  2. In the popup, click the blue Delete button to confirm

  3. If you didn't already create the myweb2lead.html file (or if you did but it's not working right just delete it and then) do Steps 103-112, 118, and 121-143 to create/recreate it making sure you get everything right this time

  4. Do Steps 144-151 to add the Miles Dyson Lead record with the correct values

  5. When you're ready, re-grade by using the App Launcher to open the Grader App and follow instructions to run the scoring routine again and then be sure to reload the page to see the updated error list & grade certificate

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