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How to Catch Up to start Lab 2b With a Brand New Salesforce Account

If your account has gotten messed up beyond repair, don't worry. You can get a brand new Salesforce account and catch it up to where you can start Lab 2b in only about 30-40 minutes using the instructions below. First, abandon your old account. Get a brand new “fresh” Developer Edition Salesforce account by going to this link: 

like before in Lab 1a. (Do NOT go to the Salesforce homepage and get the 30-day free trial account!!!) You can use the same email address as before but you have to set a new Username since the old one is still on the original account. In Salesforce, a Username can be anything that LOOKS like an email address, even if it's not a valid address. For example, you could use hippo@suitcase.sauce (assuming it hasn't already been used).

  1. Do Steps 5-36 of Lab 1b, including installing Max's Pitch Package (If you already paid for it once, you can email your PayPal receipt to gethelp@themaxlabsproject to get a promo code so you can install again without paying again. Or if you're up against a deadline, you can pay again now and then email both receipts to to get the 2nd one refunded promptly.)

  2. Use the App Launcher to go to the Marketing app

  3. Click the Pitches tab and click New to create a new Pitch record

  4. Set the new record's values as (Business Name = "Spray & Pray Ventures", Address = "455 Castro Ave, Mountain View, CA 94041", 
Follow Up = 11/15/2019, 
Investment Amount = $800,000, Equity Percentage = 35%, Contact Name = "Julia Chavez" )

  5. Leave the rest blank and click Save

  6. Then while you’re viewing the new record, click the down-arrow near the upper right and select Clone and then Save

  7. Then click Clone and Save again

  8. Go on to Lab 2a and do Steps 55-90

  9. Then use the App Launcher to go to Marketing and hit your Pitches tab and change the list view Recently Viewed (upper left) to All

  10. Then click on P-012 to open up that last Spray & Pray record you cloned

  11. Then continue in Lab 2a with Steps 92-113

  12. Now you can start Lab 2b but remember you'll need to reinstall the Grader App in the new account too! See instructions here:

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