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How to Add a Classic Email Template Named "alert Riley about a new Bay Area lead"

Near the beginning of Lab 3a (Steps 30-52), you're supposed to create a Classic Email Template for automatically sending Riley email alerts about new Bay Area leads that get assigned to her automatically by the Lead Assignment Rule that you create later in the lab. After you create that first template, you're supposed to clone it & make a few changes to make a 2nd one. Then you clone that one & make a few changes to make a 3rd. If you're here now to create the first template, you may want to also decide to continue making the 2nd and 3rd (Steps 53-70), but for now, here's how to create the first one:

  1. Click the Setup gear (upper right) and select Setup

  2. Do Steps 30-52 to add the first template "alert Riley about a new Bay Area lead"

  3. Continue on to make the 2nd & 3rd templates (Steps 53-70) if you want even more points

  4. Re-grade by using the App Launcher to open the Grader App and follow instructions to run the scoring routine again and then be sure to reload the page to see the updated error list & grade certificate

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