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How to Add/Correct Missing/Messed-Up Fields for Spray & Pray Meeting Records

At the end of Lab 2a, you're supposed to have 3 Meeting records to go with the "Spray & Pray" Pitch record (Steps 91-111) as shown in the screencap below Step 113 and they're supposed to have ID numbers Mtg-01, Mtg-02 and Mtg-03. If those three records are already there and they have the correct IDs, then you just need to fix one of more field values (other than the IDs) –that's easy (see below). Or if any/all the 3 records just never got added (and you haven't added new ones in Lab 2b yet), it's easy to add them now (see below). BUT IDS CAN'T BE CHANGED AND THEY CAN'T BE REUSED FROM DELETED RECORDS. So, if your Meeting IDs got messed up, it's easiest to just delete your Meeting object (Setup > Object Manager > Meeting > Delete) and restart Lab 2a at Step 55 and continue to the end. (Sorry, that's Salesforce's fault.)

  1. Use the App Launcher to select the Marketing app

  2. Click the Pitches tab

  3. Now you need to find that last remaining "Spray & Pray" Pitch record (should be P-012 unless you ran into trouble) and it should be showing up now because the Pitch Everything listview should be displayed, showing all Pitch records, but if not, then change the current listview (upper left under Marketing) to Seeing Triple or Recently Viewed, if you need to, to find that "Spray & Pray" record and click on its ID (again, it should be P-012 but if not that can be ok) and that should open up the "Spray & Pray" Pitch record

  4. Now click on the Related tab which is on the left, above Pitch ID, and you should see the Meeting records related to that "Spray & Pray" pitch

  5. If you need to add one or more Meeting records, just click New (upper right) and fill in the values according to the relevant part from Steps 91-111. (In Steps 91-100 you create the first Meeting record, in Steps 101-106, you clone the first one and just edit some values to make the 2nd one. Then in Steps 107-111, you clone the 2nd one and just change some values to make the 3rd one.) Just do what you need to to get the 3 Meeting records you need.

  6. If you just need to edit/fix some of the field values for any of the records, just click the ID of the one you need to fix to open it up and then double-click on any value you need to edit, make the fix, and click Save to save the new version and then click the Back button on your browser to get back to the list of Meeting records again in case you want to fix another one

  7. Re-grade by using the App Launcher to open the Grader App and follow instructions to run the scoring routine again and then be sure to reload the page to see the updated error list & grade certificate

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