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How? (Not being a computer all)

Yeah, don't worry. You can do this. Anybody can. There's no coding. (The instructions tell you exactly what to do, step-by-step, with screencaps.)

If you read & follow instructions carefully, you will have zero problems. (If you try to skim & go fast, you'll hit snags & take longer.)

But if you just read the instructions, you won't learning anything. (You have to read the parts in-between, where Max explains the why–that's how you understand the meaning.

Top 10 Tips for Success:

  1. ALWAYS read/follow every single instruction EXACTLY, in order. (You'll have no problems.)

  2. ALWAYS read the Pre-flight Checklist BEFORE you start every lab. (3 min on what to look & look out for.)

  3. NEVER skip the Pre-lab and its Pre-flght Checklist. (5 min to set the stage for all the rest.)

  4. ALWAYS read the story part BETWEEN the instructions. (That's where you get the CONCEPT learning.)

  5. Allow 1:15 for each lab. (But you can stop, logout, & resume later on any device–just log back in.)

  6. DO NOT go to the Salesforce homepage and get the 30-day trial account. (Just follow instructions in 1a.)

  7. The 1b instructions tell you EXACTLY how to pay the lab fee. (Just follow them when you get there.)  

  8. If you get stuck, check the Help FAQ at this site FIRST. (Still stuck? Post to the Help Forum.)

  9. BE SURE your screencaps include your name, shown on the upper right of every screen. (Get your points!)

  10. DO NOT use Yahoo! for your Salesforce account email. (They don't play nice–use Gmail, etc.)

Top 4 Ways Things go Wrong:

  1. Quickly skim the instructions to get done fast. (You'll mess up & take way longer to fix.)

  2. Skip the Pre-lab reading to save 10 minutes. (The rest will make little sense.)

  3. Skip the Pre-flight Checklist to save 2 minutes. (You'll have no idea what you're learning or why.)

  4. Skip the text in between the steps to save time. (You'll get credit but learn next to nothing.)


Top 10 Reasons to Get Into Them:

  1. They’re how you earn credit (get your points!)

  2. They’re cheap (less than 4 Starbucks’ for the whole set of 6!)

  3. They’re easy (anyone can do them – just read & follow directions)

  4. They’re quick (about 1 hour each–IF you read & follow directions)

  5. They’re fun (fresh story/blog format w/jokes included)

  6. They’re super-helpful (learn more than you would ever imagine)

  7. They’re on the exam (w/un-guessable questions)

  8. They’ll help you get a job (IF you can tell what you did)

  9. They’ll help you succeed in your job (IF you truly learn & can apply it)

  10. If you don’t believe it check out: (2+ min)​

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