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Max Labs Grader App Info (Workflow version)

The Grader App is how you score your work & get credit from your instructor. It's easy.

  1. Install the app (once) into your Salesforce account

  2. First time you open the app, set your name + ID

  3. Every time you finish a lab:

    • open the app, 

    • score your work,

    • generate the grade certificate (name, ID & score) & submit to your instructor

There's a few steps to each of these tasks, broken down below, and there's some in-app help too. And you can watch either/both of these video tutorials if you want: 

More Detailed Guide to the Max Labs Grader App in 11 Minutes!
Play Video
Quick Start to the Max Labs Grader App in 3 Minutes!
Play Video

Install the app (once)

  1. After you finish the first lab (Lab 1a), stay logged into your SF account or log back in

  2. Then, in another tab in the same browser, go to this link.

  3. You may be asked to log in again (for security)

  4. On the Install page that pops up, click the checkbox under the orange banner, that says "I acknowledge..." & then click the blue Install button below


  5. Wait a few seconds until it says Installation Complete! & then click the Done button.

  6. Click the Setup gear        (upper right, near your character icon) get back to the main SF screen

  1. To open the app, click the App Launcher (grid icon), enter "grader" in the searchbox & select the Max Labs Grader


  2. Enter your name & ID (make sure they're right so your instructor can record your grades!)

  3. Click Save & confirm your info

  4. If you're done with Lab 1a, click the Lab 1a tab to score it – or just click the Setup gear       (upper right, near your character icon) to continue working & score it later

grader app.png
install max labs grader app.png

First time you open the app, set your name & ID

setup gear.png
setup gear.png

Every time you finish a lab, score it, generate the grade certificate & submit

1. Open the app

grader app.png

2. Click the tab for the lab you want to grade

grader tab selection.png

3. Follow the instructions to run the scoring routine

execute scoring routine.png

4. Refresh the page to see scores for each checkpoint & any errors–fix & regrade if you want!

big grader sample.png

5. Generate your grade certificate & submit it!

setup gear.png

6. Click the Setup gear        (upper right, near your character icon) to exit the app & get back to

    your usual SF screen

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