How to Edit/Add Contact Record for Julia Chavez

If you already created a contact record you intended so be for "Julia Chavez", then you may just need to edit it to fix spelling or correct/add field values for Email and/or Mobile. Othersise you can add a new record for her now.

  1. Use the App Launcher to pick the Marketing app and click on the Contacts tab

  2. On the upper left, if the current list view is not showing All Contacts, click whatever name is showing (probably Recently Viewed) and select All Contacts

  3. If you see one listed that you intended to be for Julia Chavez, click the name and fill in and/or edit the First Name, Last Name, Email and/or Mobile fields to be "Julia", "Chavez", "" and "(510) 403-8995", respectively.

  4. Or if you don't see any record close to being for "Julia Chavez" then click New on the upper right to create one and fill in the values given in the previous step.

  5. Click Save

  6. Re-grade by using the App Launcher to open the Grader App and follow instructions to run the scoring routine again and then be sure to reload the page to see the updated error list and grade certificate