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How to Create or Fix the Name Settings for the "Average Amount & Equity by Type" Report

If you didn't  create the report at all, it's easy to add it now–just use the App Launcher to select the Marketing app and do Steps 79-93 and you're ready to rescore and refresh to see the updated score.

But if you did create it already, then the problem is with the naming and that's a little trickier because the grader app can't see the Report Name that you see on the report–it can only see the internal Salesforce name, the Report Unique Name. They BOTH need to be correct and here's how to make sure they are: 

  1. Use the App Launcher to select the Marketing app

  2. Click the Reports tab to see the list of reports 

  3. For the one you intended to be "Average Amount & Equity by Type" click the down arrow on the far right of that row and select Edit

  4. Then click the down-arrow on the Save button (upper right) and select Properties from the drop-down

  5. Clear whatever is showing in the Report Name field and enter "Average Amount & Equity by Type"

  6. Now clear whatever is in the Report Unique Name field slot below and just click Tab and it will autofill with "Average_Amount_&_Equity_by_Type" plus 3 random letters at the end & now the grader will be able to see/recognize it 

  7. Just be sure to click the blue Save button and then you can rescore your work & refresh to see the updated score.

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